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Welcome to the PhreakNet Wiki! This site serves as a repository for historical and modern-day telephony related information.

The PhreakNet Wiki is sponsored by PhreakNet, under which several other projects, including the PhreakNet VoIP switching network, are operated. This wiki is a public resource available to anyone interested in telephony.

This site serves to fill the void left by several existing sources of information, including Wikipedia itself, as well as Bell System Practices, audio recordings, and other historical references. Moreover, it serves to organize existing information and make it searchable and accessible. Wikis are a great opportunity for content synthesis - taking primary sources and making sense of them in one place. Links to primary documents are highly encouraged when available.

Unlike Wikipedia, we explicitly encourage technical detail on this site, prioritizing depth over breadth. Something that might be a single page overview on Wikipedia might be more appropriate as a category on this wiki with many subpages that go into a level of detail that would be inappropriate on a site like Wikipedia. This is essentially a phreaks' wiki.

All content is available publicly for anyone to view without logging in. Have knowledge to contribute? Getting started is easy - you don't even need to create a wiki account: you can simply log in with your InterLinked account, or create one easily if you don't have one. You can then make edits and create new pages to increase the public knowledge base.